Indian art & decors have the best mixture of ethnic glory and unique designs reflecting true artistic culture. And, when it comes to reflecting their styles, people turn to impressive decorative ideas for their homes, cottages, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other place they belong to. Talking about the trends in interiors, vintage and antique décor stands at the top as the latest Indian traditional décor trend of 2017. Such designs amplify the beauty of a place helping businesses grab the attention of visitors including those who belong to foreign lands. Indian art & decor trends add the perfect touch of lavish look and vintage style to the interiors and We at GPDSTUDIOS design your interior with using the latest Indian trends.




































From home decor to table accessories, and shelf designs to unique bar carts, metals are everywhere. Mixology has become an art that continues to spill into home spaces. These kind of products are easily available in the market and online stores but we at GPDSTUDIOS describe where you should use all these metal decorative items according to your home space.


Add richness and depth to a sleek interior using artwork from tribal artifacts to old traditional paintings. Our clients from uttarakhand always wanted to complete interior with giving a traditional touch to their home. GPDSTUDIOS believes in accomplishing your desire even if it asks for adding the touch of traditional elements in the modern interiors. We love to travel extra miles to concrete the dream home of your choice.


Popular these days,and in much demand. Many restaurents and cafes are using indian traditional themes to decorate their spaces. Rustic wood effects can be seen in the latest furniture designs. On the other hand, wood carving can be seen in partition designs and over other furniture items too.                                                    ,


Patterened wallcoverings were in fashion in 2017. Wallpaper started to make it’s comeback in 2015, though now it’s here as one of the largest trends in design. Solid color walls be gone. Look for dramatic paisley, over scaled florals, and abstract patterns.


Modern and traditional carpets are always in the trend. Natural fibers and solid colors are classics, but the jewel-toned trend is pushing brands and interior professionals to use rugs with rich, saturated colors in their designs. If they aren’t on the floor, you’ll also find them on a wall. Yes GPDSTUDIOS using rugs in a different way to add some creativity to your house.


Marble is one of the evergreen materials we love to add in our houses. Marble, especially in shades of white and light gray, is a popular material for counter tops,flooring and tabletops, and we are seeing it in smaller tabletop goods as well. Lookout for marble motifs in carpets, wall coverings,and even fabrics.

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 The Indian Interior Design & Decor Trends You Must Know.