Interior designing involves much more than home décor. It includes all the aspects of a home designing right from space planning to furniture designing and to offering creative design solutions to interior environment. Interior designing also includes supporting the well-being of homes with an aim to enrich the quality of resident’s life.


We at Green Pearls & Design have a different ideology for interior designing. For us, the project presentation matters the most in order to showcase a clear vision to the clients by discussing the following elements: 


Concept Board

A concept board is a tool commonly used in the creative industry to illustrate and convey the look and feel of any design project. It is the starting point of any interior design project, which involves all the ideas used in the project. Concept board reflects the first stage of projects, called planning, as per the client’s requirements.


Mood Board

Mood board is basically a collage of all the key images and the pictures that we use in the project.


Material Board

Material board represents all the rough and finished materials that are used in the project.

These are the initial stages that we follow to create picture perfect interiors.


Collating Data
Networking Event
Modern Office
Business Meeting 2

Interior designing is basically the art of designing the interiors of a place or building. As an interior designer, we plan, research, co-ordinate, and manage interior projects. The concept of interior designing includes a perfect mixture of style, color, mood, harmony and comfort of a place. Here is the conceptual meaning of these distinctive elements:



Styling involves representing the theme of a project. There are lots of themes available under the umbrella term “Interior Designing”, which includes Egyptian, European, Indian, Modern and contemporary theme to mention a few. However, we design the theme as per our clients’ specific requirements.



Colors play an important role in the complete interior designing concept. They affect us in numerous ways, both mentally and physically. With colors we can set the mood, attract attention or even make a statement.



Comfort is a distinctive element, which acts as a middle ground between modern and traditional design. It is quite a challenge for us to strike perfect balance between comfort and style of a home decor.


While you are spending your money on luxurious products, why not consider your comfort first? At Design studio, we keep in mind to add comfort not only through the modern home aesthetics but also on furniture by choosing the right kind of fabric and the mattresses as well.