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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Every home tells a story, and yours should not be an exception. Let the walls of your home reflect your thoughts, let your furniture make an impression on visitors, and let the curtains be the soul of your home’s style statement.

Does that sound like an expensive, over-the-top luxurious thought?

Most of you will nod for the same. But what if I tell you, home interior is possible under a budget without hiring an interior designer? YES, THAT’S RIGHT!!

Let’s get into the details of decorating your home in a budget:

Area of your house:

The area of your rooms, like living/dining/drawing, plays a vital role in deciding the treatment of interiors. For example, if the place is smaller, it would be treated (designed) differently from a room that is bigger. More to this, the choice of furniture, wall color, and the floor treatment will also depend upon the room size.


Interior ideas for small room:

Color Combination:

Color contrasting is a fantastic idea to consider when decorating your room. Therefore, if your walls are light in color, go with dark color furniture. Try combining electricity accessories like electric boards, fans, etc. in contrast to the furniture.

Combine the curtain and the cushion color, fabric, styling, pattern, and texture to each

other. It will add to the beauty of the space.


Decorating a Space as Per the Lighting


Lighting adds a subtle effect to the room. There is a variety of lighting options available in the market. These options can be included as per the room’s theme, mood, and the effect you would like to add in the room. There are such lights that change color as per the mood.

For kid’s room, lighting options like inbuilt music lights wrapped with cartoon themes would cast a great impression around the place.

For the living room, it’s great to go with hanging lights, focus lights, and drop lights.

Places like “mandir”/ “pooja ghar”, “room theatre”, and “balcony” should also be decorated properly with lights. These places can be added with exceptional décor with the right kind of light such as accent light, task light, etc. There should be a perfect amount of contrast and diffusion when choosing lights for a place.


Decorating a Space as Per Room Size

Room Size:

To give your room a touch of natural décor, keep artificial/ fresh flowers on your dining table in a vase. You can put the vase at the entrance also.

Do keep a check on the size of flower pots while placing them in rooms. It is good to place a vase in rooms that are larger in area and a pot in small-sized rooms.

Decorative flower pots can be made from waste bottles. You can paint glass bottles with vibrant colors and keep them as a decorative piece at any corner of your room.

Keep some crystal artifact in the showcase and install some focus lights above them to give a nice look to the place.

You can put a decorative mirror at the entrance or console to cast a natural look.

The staircase can be decorated with paintings and family photo collages of various sizes.

Colorful pebbles and colored stones are other decorative options that are available affordably in the market. These decorative options create a great impression. Candles, paintings, and photo frames also make a great option as a decorative piece.

Choose curtains, curtain-rods, sofa style, sofa fabric, and its print in accordance with the size of the room.

It is good to select straight line furniture either in traditional or in a modern look.

The indoor water body is also in-trend when it comes to decorating a place. You can put indoor water-body inside your living-room area. It will help in removing the “Wastu Dosh” of your place.

Final Thoughts

By considering these suggestions, you could add the perfect amount of elegance to any area. In case, you feel the requirement of an expert to do the designing part, we have one for you! Let’s connect!


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